OpenSwitch Governance

OpenSwitch governance is structured as follows:

  • Contributors are people participating in the project by doing any of the following tasks. Note this is not an exhaustive list of tasks, but is meant to show a broad example of the valuable contributions contributors take part in.
    • Submitting patches into the OpenSwitch repositories. This includes not only source code but also tests, documentation, and infrastructure.
    • Reviewing patches in the OpenSwitch repositories.
    • Participating in discussions on OpenSwitch mailing lists.
    • Updating and helping to maintain the OpenSwitch devref documentation.
    • Joining discussions on the OpenSwitch IRC channels on Freenode.
  • Committers are responsible for reviewing and merging code into the OpenSwitch repositories. They review code from all contributors, including other core reviewers. Code can include source code, tests, documents, and infrastructure items.
  • Maintainers are sub-team leaders for specific areas of OpenSwitch development. As an example, there is an infrastructure maintainer, a testing maintainer, a protocol maintainer, etc.
  • The bug czar is responsible for triaging incoming bugs.
  • The release manager is responsible for ensuring each OpenSwitch release is executed in a timely and efficient manner, with a low bug count and very high stability.
  • The OpenSwitch Project Leader is the effective CEO of OpenSwitch and leads the overall project.

The following documents cover each of the above governance aspects of OpenSwitch in detail.