OpenSwitch Maintainers

What is a Maintainer?

OpenSwitch governance uses the concept of maintainers. What exactly is a maintainer? Maintainers are responsible for many things inside of the OpenSwitch development process. A list of the things maintainers are responsible for includes:

  • Helping to ensure the bug count is low.
  • Curating the gate to ensure failures are triaged and fixed in an expedient manner.
  • Working on integrating code from upstream projects in an orderly fashion.
  • Ensuring documentation is up to date and remains relevant.
  • Keeping an eye on the automated testing of OpenSwitch and ensuring this remains adequate and relevant as features are added.
  • Helping new contributors with questions as they join OpenSwitch development.

In essence, maintainers share the following common ideals:

  1. They share responsibility in the project’s success.
  2. They have made a long-term, recurring time investment to improve the project.
  3. They spend their time doing what needs to be done to ensure the projects success, not necessarily what is the most interesting or fun.

The Docker project has a great quote around what a maintainer is, this is quoted here for all OpenSwitch developers to read and appreciate:

Maintainers are often under-appreciated, because their work is harder to
appreciate. It's easy to appreciate a really cool and technically advanced
feature. It's harder to appreciate the absence of bugs, the slow but steady
improvement in stability, or the reliability of a release process. But those
things distinguish a good project from a great one.

Current Maintainers

The current list of maintainers is on the wiki page below found at the Maintainers link.