OpenSwitch Project LeaderΒΆ

The OpenSwitch Project Leader (OPL) is ultimately responsible for the success of the OpenSwitch project, and leads the team driving towards each OpenSwitch release. The broad technical vision for the success of OpenSwitch is the responsibilty of the entire community, but the OPL is the one who must lead the community in a common direction towards a goal the community has chosen and feels is important.

The OPL works closely with the Release Manager and the maintainers to ensure a consistent vision for the project is met with each release. Any technical disputes are settled by the OPL if they cannot be settled in another manner.

In addition, the OPL is responsible for growing new leaders in the project. These include maintainers as well as core reviewers A healthy project is one in which a pipeline of future talent is constantly being readied.

The initial OPL will be selected by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.