OpenSwitch Release Management

The OpenSwitch project has an overall release manager. This person is charge of handling the items related to the overall release of OpenSwitch. OpenSwitch strives to have releases which are as bug free as possible and deliver on stability and quality, with additional features added as the community seeks to add them. The release manager coordinates all of this work across the OpenSwitch project.

The initial release manager will be assigned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Release Work Items

The release manager is in charge of working with the core reviewers to ensure the success of OpenSwitch releases. Items of responsibility include the following:

  • Defining the release plan and dates by working with the core reviewers.
  • Ensuring the release plan and dates are documented.
  • Tracking the status of all of the sub-projects as they move towards release.
  • Ensuring the release image is generated and published to the OpenSwitch web page.